Discover the innovative opportunities of Antwerp

Antwerp and Houston look very much alike. These two important chemical clusters both invest heavily in renewable energy. The online event 'Powering the cleantech revolution' brings innovative entrepreneurs in the two ports closer together. Register for the event on 19 and 20 May, and spot the opportunities Antwerp has to offer you.

Antwerp: gateway to the EU

As the largest chemical cluster in Europe, Antwerp feels connected to Houston. The city by the river Scheldt is the economical capital of Flanders, a prosperous region in the North of Belgium. The port of Antwerp is the perfect gateway to the EU single market. It lies south of the Netherlands, west of Germany, north of France and just a hop away from the UK. London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt: they all lie within 500 kilometers of Antwerp. 60% of Europe’s purchasing power is located near Flanders. This means that Europe’s main markets can be reached in under 24 hours.

Innovative growth center

Just as Houston, Antwerp not only excels in oil and chemistry: it also has a strong commitment to renewable energy. Cleantech is one of the most thriving sectors in Flanders. This has been confirmed by the recently released 2020 Cleantech Report by Cleantech Flanders. Currently, Flanders is home to over 1,000 cleantech players, who together employ over 25,000 people and generate EUR 4 billion in profit.

The city and the port of Antwerp, the university, start-ups and multinationals: all collaborate in innovative clusters to revolutionize the cleantech industry. You’ll find many innovation hotspots in the city. Take for instance the eco-effective business park Blue Gate Antwerp. There you’ll find BlueChem, a sustainable chemistry incubator. It’s situated next to Blue App, an open innovation hub that brings corporate enterprises and academia together to investigate eco-friendly chemistry. Let's not forget NextGen District either, the hotspot for circular economy in the Port of Antwerp . Another example: The Beacon, breeding ground for green tech innovation in logistics and industry.

Antwerp is an innovative growth pole. The ideal place for anyone with an innovative idea about sustainable energy. A place where, thanks to the event "Houston & Antwerp, powering the cleantech revolution", you can now also build bridges to the innovative environment of Houston.

Informative and practical event

Antwerp and Houston meet during the two-day event "Powering the cleantech revolution". Start-ups, scale-ups, multinationals and government: everyone who registers gets to know their colleagues from across the ocean - virtually. On the first day, you attend three roundtable discussions in two hours. In the first discussion, you’ll learn about the European Union's Green Deal.

In the second round table discussion, Nicolas Saverys (CEO shipping group Exmar) and Brett Perlman (CEO Center for Houston's Future Hydrogen & Carbon Management initiatives) outline the pioneering role of Antwerp and Houston in hydrogen energy and carbon capturing. In the third round table discussion, Daryl Wilson (Executive Director Hydrogen Council), Barbara Burger (VP Innovation and President Chevron Technology Ventures) and Leon de Bruyn (CEO Lummus Technology) illustrate why Houston is called ‘the energy capital of the world’.

That first day focuses on sustainable innovation in Houston and Antwerp. Round table discussions alternate with short speeches. The second day is more practical. During 2 hours, you’ll get an answer to the most important questions for investors and innovators: “What are the best business practices if you have an innovative idea in Antwerp or Houston?”. And “How do you finance your project?”. Day 2 starts with a speech from Katleen De Naeyer, international business account manager for the city of Antwerp. She’ll tell you more about the assets of the City and the port of Antwerp for international investors.

Curious about who else will be speaking at this two-day event? Take a look at the program.

An ideal introduction

An online event of two times two hours doesn’t replace an extensive on-site trade mission. However, the goal of the mission is somewhat different. Consider it as the necessary first step towards further cooperation. Moreover, this online formula offers numerous advantages. "Powering the cleantech revolution" takes place in two studios, which ensures excellent image and sound quality. As a participant, you also don't have to fly for hours or overcome jetlag. The event starts each day at 8 o'clock in Houston, which is 15 o'clock in Antwerp. Two hours later, the meetings end. Thanks to an efficient organization, you don't even lose a working day. Does the two-day event lead to a more intense contact or a joint project? Then within a few months you just hop on a plane, right?

Join forces with Antwerp

It was just a matter of time that Antwerp and Houston grew closer together. The city in Flanders already has a link with Texas. In 2019, an Antwerp delegation participated in the South by Southwest festival in Austin. Like Austin, Antwerp is a city bubbling with creativity. The city’s famous for its fashion and diamond industry. Together with Houston, it shares a drive in improving sustainable energy. The connection with Texas grows every year, both in terms of innovation and commerce. With all of America, for that matter. To illustrate, in comparison with 2012, freight traffic with America grew by 80 percent.

Be part of the promising collaboration between Houston and Antwerp. Discover what Antwerp has to offer for investors and innovators in the cleantech industry.

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