Up to €100.000 grant for innovation in fashion or design

Your company wants to develop an innovative project in fashion or design. This project will have a positive impact on the creative industry in Antwerp. But... your company lacks the budget to make the necessary investments.

If this sounds like you, read on. There is a good chance that the City of Antwerp would be willing to support your project proposal.

Financial support for innovation in fashion or design

Creative entrepreneurs have until 15 September inclusive to submit a project that constitutes innovation in fashion or design. If your project meets the criteria and your company is selected, your innovation can get financial support with a grant up to 100.000 euros to make it a reality.

The total available budget is 300.000 euros for investment costs and 100.000 euros for operating costs.

Which projects are eligible?

You have an innovative project in fashion or design that you want to make a reality; an innovation that will inspire the Antwerp creative industry. Your project will enlarge and strengthen the Antwerp fashion and design 'eco-system', and you will work with partners to make this happen.

The project you want to submit involves a total cost of at least 25.000 euros. You are mainly seeking investment budget to develop this project and the costs involved are mainly direct costs.

Your proposal is novel. You have yet to start developing the project and it can be operational within six months of the grant approval. Your project will also accelerate the growth or international positioning of your business.

"The city is strongly committed to boosting entrepreneurship and innovation and is demonstrating it with this grant. Thanks to this support, we can maintain and continue to extend our competitive edge with innovative infrastructure and new digital applications for more direct contact with our customers."

Mathias Plouvier, Classified Cycling

Which parties are eligible?

As an SME, you need be able to demonstrate regular activities in the City of Antwerp. That means having your own premises in the city, doing construction or renovation work in the city or being able to show that several of your clients are based in Antwerp. 

Criteria for receiving financial support

The application for support must meet a number of criteria. Make sure to read the criteria carefully. You'll find them in the regulations (NL), and they mainly concern:

  • the degree to which the financial support will promote the success of the project;
  • the quality of the business case and action plan;
  • the effect of the project on the City of Antwerp;
  • the innovative nature of the project;
  • the expertise and resources available to realise the project.

In addition, if you propose a collaboration to realise your innovation, this will be viewed positively.

Timing of submissions

You have until 12 noon on 15 September 2022 to submit an innovative project.

Submitted projects will be reviewed by a panel of judges. If selected, you will be able to explain your project during a virtual Q&A session on Wednesday 5 October or Thursday 6 October 2022. The Municipal Executive will base its decision on the judging panel's report and award the financial support for each project on Friday 21 October 2022.

"This grant allowed us to launch Mutani as the first digital fashion company in Belgium and one of the first on an international scale. We were given the opportunity to test the limits of our digital co-creation and to investigate and test whether this could stand up as a business model. That was invaluable to us as a start-up and forerunner in new technology."

Shayli Harrison, Mutani

Support per project

The grant will amount to a maximum of 100.000 euros per project (both operating and investment budget combined). No more than 30% represents the operating budget.

As a company, you must contribute at least 25% of the total cost yourself.

Submit your project here (NL)


You have a question? Mail to  businesseninnovatie@antwerpen.be and we respond quickly.