StartupVillage: innovative hub in the city centre

The City of Antwerp firmly believes startups should get enough oxygen to grow and internationalize. That’s why it decided to set up StartupVillage: an innovative hub where startups can rent affordable office space in the centre of the city, near major incubators, accelerators and research institutions. There, startups get the necessary breathing space to expand their business and later internationalize. 

Startups meet their clients and investors, or can organise their own events in De Serre (i.e. “the greenhouse”), the innovative business and event lounge of StartupVillage.

The rear building also accommodates The CoFoundry, the Cronos Group incubator with a focus on eHealth (inter alia, Blue Health Antwerp) and logistics. With the iStart Business Incubation programme and the living lab City of Things, the fusion organization of research institutes iMinds and imec will also be moving in. International start-ups that want to explore the market here can call on them.

StartupVillage meets the need for affordable space for start-ups to grow. In the front of the building, there are nine units of office space for innovative technological growth companies breaking through internationally. Start-upVillage offers this space using flexible leases for a maximum of three years. The accelerator Netwerk Ondernemen, which offers training and funds to scale-ups, is headquartered here.

The local research institutes, incubators and investors represent an added bonus to turn this historic building in the very heart of the bustling city centre into a success.


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