Relocating employees

Do you employ a foreign employee or expat? Then in certain cases you can call on the Expat Counter of the City of Antwerp.

Registering in the register of foreign nationals

  • Non-Belgian citizens wishing to establish themselves in Antwerp must register via the Migration Counter
  • The Expat Counter of the city of Antwerp processes residence files for foreign employees that are requested by an expat partner.

Would you like to know more about the Expat Counter? Send an email to

How to submit an application to the Expat Loket?

  • As an expat partner you complete the entire application.
  • Ensure that the foreign worker has a long-stay visa (type D visa).
    Find the adresses of Belgian embassies and consulates here.
  • You can also immediately register the family members of the employee if they also have a long-stay visa (type D visa).


Employees pay a federal contribution depending on their nationality. This contribution covers the administrative costs of an application and will not be reimbursed if the application is refused.

Applying for a work permit

Applications to work in Belgium must be submitted to the Economic Migration Department. More information can be found at


Applying for an electronic residence card or residence permit

A foreign employee with a right of residence can apply for an electronic foreigner’s card. This is not an identity card; the foreigner’s card only confirms that the employee is in compliance with Belgian legislation. Non-Belgians must also have their identity card or passport with them.

Your employee must personally apply for the electronic foreigner’s card via the Migration Counter. It is not possible to use a power of attorney.

Collecting a foreigner's card

Always by appointment (either made by the expat agent if via the Expat Counter or given when the card is requested by the Migration Counter employee)

Having a foreign driving licence registered or exchanged

A person who does not have a Belgian driving licence can have his or her foreign driving licence registered or exchanged for a Belgian driving licence. Registration is free; you can find the rates for the exchange here.

Do you want to register or exchange your employee’s foreign driving licence? Then the employee can make an appointment at a city counter for this.


It is not possible to register a European national driving licence if

  • The driving licence has expired
  • It concerns a category C or D driving licence (professional drivers)

In these cases, the employee must make an appointment with a city counter.

Overview of relocation agencies

An overview of the agencies familiar with the expat operations of the City of Antwerp

Not listed?

Is your relocation agency missing from the overview? Please submit your details to be added to the list.

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