The 5th Conference


BluePoint Antwerp

Filip Williotstraat 9

2600 Berchem


Healthcare is in full transformation and has become a chain of solutions and services touching adjacent sectors. Telemedicine, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other digital solutions, together with the speed of its advancement, show how much more is possible in the healthcare industry and in favor of the patient.

Whatever the evolution will be and how far the transformation process will go, patient-centricity and patient management will still be core in these developments. Looking at the topics of this second edition of The 5th Conference, we clearly see a focus on a patient-centric, multidisciplinary delivery of care and a strong link with society to create a sustainable healthcare model for the future, enabled by technology and digital.

Rewiring Health? Discover the full program on The 5th Conference


Are you a start-up in healthcare? Showcase your company at the conference and join the pitch sessions the evening before, on September 4th. More information on the website of The 5th Conference.