Medical Solutions Accelerator, boosting innovative medical solutions


Day 1: 23/09/22

  • Intro accelerator & design thinking

Day 2: 7/10/22

  • Solving the right problem
  • User experience & needs

Day 3: 20/10/22

  • Value proposition design

Day 4: 28/10/22

  • Market fit, regulations, IP, business model & value proposition

Day 5: 18/11/22

  • Round up, pitch preparation & funding

Day 6: 2/12/22

  • Pitching & demo day

Verhaert Masters in Innovation


Why this program?

The Medical Solutions Accelerator will allow you to validate you medical product or service based on technology, product innovation services, end-user input and medical expertise. During this program you’ll increase your chances to launch a valuable and successful medical solution, validated by user and patient experience in clinical testing.

What to expect?

This fall you can be one of the 10 start-ups that get the opportunity to pitch and validate their innovative idea with coaches from BlueHealth, UAntwerpen, UZA and Verhaert. The 3-month program consists of 5 workshops to:

  • Access state-of-the-art technologies
  • Validate your solution with end-user
  • Find the right funding opportunities
  • Understand current IP & medical regulations
  • Design your business model & value proposition