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Discover the myriad opportunities that innovative Antwerp offers your business in this comprehensive brochure and factsheet.

Antwerp special in fDi Magazine: “Antwerp, where stakeholders unite for a smart and sustainable future.”

The Financial Times has published a special supplement on the international opportunities offered by Antwerp as a business and investment city. The 12-page special was published in the October-November edition of fDi Magazine, the “Foreign Direct Investment” magazine of the Financial Times. The magazine describes Antwerp as a city where new successes are builds on old. Here stakeholders unite to prepare for a smart and sustainable future, ensuring ample opportunities for investors.
For Antwerp, even space is not the limit. In the first months of 2021, three companies from Antwerp achieved important breakthroughs for the space sector.
Port of Antwerp is pioneering in the latest digital and innovation technologies, building towards a new Smart Port of the world.
Fashionable, innovative and sustainable: to call this shoe collection exceptional is an understatement. These three striking pairs of shoes, boots and sneakers are made, designed and launched by Custom Territory, an Antwerp fashion collective.
While it is clear COVID-19 had a major impact on what will be recorded in history as one of the most difficult years ever for the global diamond industry, Antwerp managed to keep the engines running in 2020, fueled by nearly 100 rough tenders.
The city of Antwerp and the City of Bruges have reached an agreement to unify their respective ports. Like this, it will become the world’s first port to reconcile economy, people and climate.
A 7th place for economic potential in the category of cities up to 2 million inhabitants, that’s the top result for Antwerp in fDI Intelligence’s prestigious ‘Global Cities of the Future 2021/2022’-rankings. Moreover, Antwerp was also awarded for its connectivity and won the fDi Strategy Award for chemicals. This is a clear recognition of Antwerp’s development as an attractive destination for international investment.
Discover the myriad opportunities that innovative Antwerp offers your business in this comprehensive brochure and factsheet.
Antwerp defined six innovation domains in which it will guide you: financing, digitisation, automation & robotics, data analysis, cross-sector collaboration and finally synthetic production & trade. Find out how the city of Antwerp will support you to make your diamond company future-proof.
The Beacon is Antwerp’s anchor point for digital innovation. The 10-storey building in the north of Antwerp, where city and port meet, is the home of start-ups, scale-ups, researchers and tech companies. Meet the five new members of this growing network.
CIVITAS PORTIS was a 4-year mobility project between 5 European cities. Thanks to a multi-faceted approach, Antwerp was able to improve urban and port mobility, traffic flow, road safety and quality of life.
For more than five centuries Antwerp has been the largest diamond centre in the world. To remain the world centre for diamonds, the city of Antwerp wants to help the industry to innovate. Take a close look at your company together with an expert and come up with innovative projects with an impact on the whole industry.
Antwerp start-ups Geckomatics and Condugo had the opportunity to participate in UnternehmerTUM. They talk about the benefits of this programme and how it helps start-ups to expand globally.