Antwerp is attracting top talent with a unique range of study programmes

Future talent feels at a home in Antwerp. The city welcomes more than 50,000 students annually to its numerous institutions of higher education. Talent that is preparing itself for international careers in diverse, often unique, domains of Antwerp's economy, including logistics, fashion and technology. It is no wonder then that Antwerp has been the fastest growing student city and talent pool in Flanders for several years now.

Broad range of unique study programmes

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Antwerp differentiates itself with its unique concentration of study programmes within a relatively small area. Within a 204 km² radius, students can choose from more than 200 study programmes offered by the institutions of higher education based in the city, in various disciplines such as economy, history, medical sciences and much more. However, what makes Antwerp extra special is the additional range of (often internationally) renowned programmes in specific knowledge domains related to the clusters of the Antwerp economy. A selection from the range:

  • Port and logistics: the study programmes at the Antwerp Maritime Academy, such as the academic programme Nautical Sciences and the professional programme Marine Engineering, that are unique to Belgium and beyond.
  • (Sustainable) chemistry: the Bioscience Engineering programme at the University of Antwerp, which has an important impact on innovations in the chemical sector and the development of clean technologies.
  • Diamonds: the new course 'from rough to brilliant' that trains the next generation of diamond cutters and polishers, organised by the Fonds voor Diamantnijverheid, HRD Antwerp, Antwerp World Diamond Centre, City of Antwerp and the Flemish Employment and Vocational Training Agency.
  • Digital innovation: the postgraduate programme in 'Internet of Things' from the University of Antwerp, University of Ghent and the Free University of Brussels; the IoT technician training at Artesis Plantijn University College (AP) and the 'Creative Technologies and Entrepreneurship' programme at Karel De Grote Hogeschool, which ensure that Antwerp can fulfil its role as the European reference capital for IoT and AI.
  • Creative economy:
    • Fashion: the fashion programme of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp – Artesis Plantijn University College (AP), which is one of the 3 best fashion programmes in the world and brought forward the famous Antwerp Six, as well as the new Master in International Fashion Management by the Antwerp Management School.
    • Product development: the academic programme Product Development at the University of Antwerp, which produces many design talents for the Antwerp creative economy and helps stimulate innovations in other sectors.
  • Health: the degree programmes at the Institute for Tropical Medicine, specialised in infectious diseases and healthcare in developing countries and the nursing programme at Artesis Plantijn University College (AP), where students can simulate working in a hospital in a hightech lab.

Highly educated international talent for the Antwerp economy

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Thanks to these study programmes, the Antwerp region benefits from a large pool of highly trained and specialised talent that helps shape the future of the Antwerp economy. Managers within companies often recognise a flexible, internationally-focused mentality among the talent in Antwerp that, combined with their multilingualism and good training, enables them to perform well in an increasingly dynamic, global context. Entrepreneurial talent also has every opportunity to flourish at an early stage in Antwerp. For example, TAKEOFFANTWERP, an initiative organised by the Antwerp University Association, City of Antwerp, Chamber of Commerce VOKA and student organisation SYNC, offers various forms of support to starters, including a specific status as a 'student entrepreneur'.

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