Antwerp company Textgain helps EU and Facebook to screen social media

The first AHA! innovation award goes to Textgain, an Antwerp company that uses language technology and AI to screen social media platforms for hate speech and other messages.

Innovation award

Textgain, founded in 2015 as a spin-off of the University of Antwerp, won the first AHA! innovation award for businesses, awarded by VOKA – Chamber of Commerce and the University of Antwerp, in cooperation with the province of Antwerp. Textgain uses language technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to screen social media platforms for hate speech and other messages. Runners-up of the award are Antwerp Euroterminal and Tresco.

Different services

Textgain offers different kinds of services. Businesses and organizations can discover actionable content inside their documents thanks to their technology. They also facilitate the management of brands through social media sentiment analysis and provide unique insights into users’ age, gender, education level, and personality.

European Commission and Facebook

The European Commission and Facebook are just a few of their (international) clients. For the European Commission, Textgain analyses how fast the number of hate messages rises, what these messages are about, and which type of people puts them online. It enables the European administrations to respond better to these trends. Facebook asked Textgain to research whether specific conspiracy theories gain popularity.

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