Successful economic working visit to Israel

From 3 until 7 September 2017, the City of Antwerp organised an economic working visit to Israel together with, the Flanders Cleantech Association (FCA) and i-Cleantech Vlaanderen. Israel is one of the most innovative countries in the world. The working visit was led by Caroline Bastiaens, the alderman for economy.

Emphasis on digital innovation and Cleantech

The working visit to Israel (Tel Aviv and Haifa) focused on two growth industries, namely digital innovation and Cleantech. Two clusters, in which Israel is a pioneer and in which the City of Antwerp hopes to achieve growth.

Digital innovation highlights

  • Visit to the leading technical university Technion.
  • Visit to the Rambam Health Care Campus.
  • Pitch Antwerp start-ups to Israeli venture capitalists.

Highlights Cleantech

  • Visit to the eco-industrial park in Neot Hovav, a model of sustainable industry in Israel.
  • Visit to Hiriya, a former waste dump which has become a role model for recycling.

DLD Innovation Festival

On Wednesday 6 September, the entire delegation visited the renowned DLD Innovation Festival in Tel Aviv.

  • Antwerp companies were given the opportunity to pitch their ideas to Israeli journalists.
  • An Antwerp Business Seminar was organised, highlighting Antwerp’s assets to Israeli companies and investors. Five Israeli start-ups were also given a platform to pitch their idea to an Antwerp jury. BestBrain, one of the participating start-ups, won the contest and will be given an office for one month at Start It@KBC in Antwerp’s Boerentoren.


A delegation of seventy people participated in the working visit, including start-ups and established companies operating in digital innovation and Cleantech. Indaver, Umicore, imec, Rombit, Sentiance, UCB, Cronos Group, Capricorn Venture Partners and the University of Antwerp were just a few of the participants during this economic working visit.


During the economic working visit to Israel, which started on September 3, a delegation from Antwerp visited the world-famous DLD Innovation Festival in Tel Aviv today.
From 3 to 7 September, the city of Antwerp is organising an economic working visit to Israel, one of the most innovative countries in the world.
Thanks to strong, integrated solutions the region of Antwerp has built itself a solid lead in waste management.

 Further information:

The economic working visit to Israel was organised in partnership between the City of Antwerp,, Flanders Cleantech Association (FCA) and i‐Cleantech Flanders, with the support of the Belgian Embassy in Tel Aviv en Flanders Investment and Trade.