Antwerp goes for ‘digital first’

Digital and technological developments are accelerating rapidly and digital expectations of businesses and the public are on the rise. To continue to be frontrunner in the area of digital services, the City of Antwerp launches a ground-breaking digital transformation strategy.

Technology on the rise

The figures speak for themselves: in 2020, 95,4% of Antwerp’s residents used the internet frequently at home and 90% used their smartphone to go online. Technology is on the rise and tech companies like Netflix, Spotify and LinkedIn deliver a unique digital experience. The city of Antwerp doesn’t want to stay behind and wants to offer all ‘city users’ (citizens, businesses, students, visitors) a similar interactive experience.

Native app

The digital transformation strategy focuses on putting the ‘city user’ at the heart of all public services. The city wants to develop a single native app, which residents and businesses can use to obtain public services. One of its goals is to assist and guide entrepreneurs in an automatic way in launching and running a business.

Digital mirror city

Today, the city of Antwerp already collects a lot of data concerning numbers of people in busy places, water levels and air quality. But these data are not always linked together. By building a digital mirror city, Antwerp wants to centralize all data. As a result, the city can analyse, predict and intervene much faster. This mirror city will also be a great added value for businesses.

Vibrant ecosystem of digital innovation

To implement this strategy, the city needs help. Antwerp wants to engage its vibrant ecosystem of innovative and digital companies in its ambition to go for ‘digital first’.

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