Antwerp offices rake in prizes at the Henry van de Velde Awards

Axel Enthoven at the Henry van de Velde Awards

As is now a yearly tradition, BOZAR, Brussels’ Centre for Fine Arts, hosted the Henry van de Velde Awards ceremony. Ever since 1994, these design awards have been rewarding individuals and companies that embody all aspects of design. Antwerp was well represented.

Flemish Minister for Culture Sven Gatz opened the evening by presentating Antwerp typeface designer Jo De Baerdemaeker with the honorary title of New Flemish Masters of Art.

Pieter-Jan Pieters and his start-up OWOW received the Young Talent Award, as part of the Special Awards category. Pieter-Jan Pieters followed part of his studies in Antwerp and was a guest last May during one of the ‘Born in Antwerp’ events. Kristel Van Ael and Joannes Vandermeulen received the Life Achievement award for their company Namahn. Namahn is part of the Hybrio network (which includes other Antwerp companies like Kandesign and Voxdale) and Kristel Van Ael is also a lecturer in product development studies at the University of Antwerp.

Design Solution Awards

Studio Dott, Marta and Axel Enthoven received prizes under the Design Solution Awards. More specifically: 

  • Studio Dott (Design Research Award) was rewarded for ‘Aalst, stad met zich op zorg” (Aalst, a city focused on care). The project was prompted by the city of Aalst’s desire to profile itself as a caring city by allowing seniors to remain living at home in their familiar surroundings. The big challenge was to investigate both the ideal care environment and the way Aalst could position itself as a caring city.
  • MARTA (Collective Award) is more than a traditional market; it is the only market in Antwerp where small-scale farmers and local produce processors, chefs and inquisitive foodies meet. 
  • Axel Enthoven received the Feel Good Award with his Memory Stone. Since each funeral is special and unique and we remember those we leave behind in different ways, Axel Enthoven developed a headstone and urn collection for Memory Stone, a subsidiary of Serax.


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