Blue Gate Antwerp, the first circular and waterbound business park of Flanders, shift to a higher gear

The first circular business park of Flanders, offering a healthy breeding ground for innovation companies, is a fact. This was only possible thanks to the combined forces of the city of Antwerp, Flanders and the private investors DEC/DEME and Bopro. Fourteen of the thirty-three hectares of the business park Blue Gate Antwerp have been sold to date. The official opening of the bridge over the green corridor on Blue Gate Antwerp immediately completes the remediation and infrastructure works of the first phase.

A little differently from others, they actively seek synergies between different companies on this site. With a view to the future, at Blue Gate Antwerp they are committed to production companies, knowledge and research institutes and laboratories that can reinforce each other. The companies that have signed up here, believe in the opportunities that Blue Gate Antwerp offers. They focus on the future, they believe in the vision, they commit themselves to it in order to minimise their environmental impact and they are engaged in building and doing business in a climate neutral manner.

Montea, one of the new companies to set up business, will immediately become the preferred logistics investor at Blue Gate Antwerp. ‘Blue Gate Antwerp will become the new standard in terms of efficient use of the increasingly scarce availability of space. Innovative logistics buildings, minimal environmental impact and maximisation of the social values, such as pleasant workplaces, smart distribution and the use and reuse of eco-considerate material will take central place’, says Jo De Wolf - Chief Executive Officer at Montea.

With Montea and Van Moer Logistics, they cover the logistics and distribution issues on this site. This is mainly about the ecologically sound realisation of the ‘last mile’.

In this context, at Blue Gate Antwerp they are now working quickly on the concrete realisation of the CCCC, based on a co-creation process and partly thanks to the research grant from Circular Flanders. The concept of a Circular Construction Consolidation Centre (CCCC) is applied in order to reduce construction transportation costs on a city and to optimise the transport flows.

By setting up this centre, the transport flows of building materials to and from the city of Antwerp will be made as favourable as possible. This concept of sustainable logistics and organisation is an important link in the concrete and practical support of the circular construction economy. The partners in the CCCC-project are BGAD nv, Vito, Van Moer Logistics and Bopro.


Does your company want to be part of this innovative and sustainable business park where – eventually – up to 3,000 people will be able to work in a pleasant environment, where green and growth go hand in hand?

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The Flanders Cleantech Internationalisation Award rewards SMEs with the most impact on sustainable development abroad.
Boortmalt is the world leader malting company. Thanks to breakthrough technology developed by Antwerp scale-up Qpinch, Boortmalt will reuse heat in its Antwerp plant, leading to reduction of emissions and energy consumption.
One year after opening, BlueChem, the first incubator for sustainable chemistry in Belgium, has generated impressive figures and made significant achievements. With 18 tenants - 10 start-ups, 6 international chemical companies, and innovation partners Catalisti and VITO - the occupancy level has exceeded expectations.