Breakthrough technology reduces emissions and energy consumption at malting company Boortmalt

Reuse of heat results in reduction of emissions

Boortmalt is the largest producer of malt in the world, its headquarters are located in the Port of Antwerp. In addition, the group is present on five continents with 27 malting plants. Its expertise is widely acknowledged by brewers and distillers who rely on the supply of top-quality barley malt. Thanks to Qpinch’s innovation, Boortmalt will transform residual heat, that otherwise would be lost. This heat will be reused in the production process. This means a saving in energy cost and a significant reduction of emissions. Boormalt’s goal is to become the most efficient malt producer in the world and innovations like Qpinch play an important role in achieving that goal.

Breakthrough technology

Qpinch is an Antwerp scaleup that introduces breakthrough technology to reduce industrial emissions and energy use. They have a patented and novel approach that overcomes the hurdles faced by conventional technologies to upgrade waste heat into process heat. This technology leads to a faster reduction of emissions, with fewer expenses. Out of 25.000 startups, Qpinch ended up as one of the four global winners in the ‘Get in the Ring’ startup competition.

Focus on innovation pays off

The Port of Antwerp is the driving force for the economy of Antwerp and the economy of Flanders. Emission reduction and job employment are two major challenges.

This major breakthrough shows that the city of Antwerp’s focus on innovation relating to sustainable industry and digitalization pays off. This is a great example of economic growth and sustainability going hand in hand.



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