Burger King opens on de Meir

On Monday 7 May, the Burger King hamburger restaurant chain opened a new location on the corner of de Meir and the Sint-Katelijnevest. With the new location in the city centre, Burger King is aiming to attract the many passers-by and tourists on the crowded Antwerp shopping street.

Tourists, shoppers and students

With the opening of 11 restaurants in as many months, Burger King has been busy conquering the Belgian market. The opening of the new site on de Meir is part of its expansion strategy. With its central location, Burger King wants to put its mark on the map of the centre of Antwerp.

The new Burger King is in the large corner building in which United Brands was previously situated. Over the past few months, the building was renovated to serve as a restaurant. With the new branch, Burger King is aiming to attract the large flow of shoppers, young people and tourists who walk along the shopping street to the city centre.

With the opening of a branch on de Meir, Burger King wants to put its restaurants on the map of the centre of Antwerp.

In its search for perfect locations for new franchises, Burger King has been working with retail advice agency Retail Point. Philippe Simons has provided not just strategic arguments, but also a number of practical benefits of the site. ‘A new site for Burger King definitely needs to be large enough and the necessary renovations must be possible.’ Retail Point and Burger King also see a lot of potential in the new location.  

‘No longer just in the car park, but also genuinely in the city’

In 2017, the very first Burger King restaurant in Belgium opened at the Kinepolis cinema complex in Antwerp North. This spring, with the slogan ‘No longer just in the car park, but also genuinely in the city’, Burger King announced its second branch in Antwerp. ‘As the largest city in Flanders and the second largest city in Belgium, Antwerp is an obvious location,’ clarified Shana Van den Broeck from Burger Brands Belgium, a company that manages both Quick and Burger King restaurants. Philippe Simons from Retail Point described Antwerp as a true ‘pioneer city’.

Collaboration with the city

Both Retail Point and Burger Brands Belgium are enthusiastic about the services provided by the city of Antwerp. ‘The collaboration with the city is running very smoothly, and there are no problems with the permits and administration,’ confirms Shana Van den Broeck van Burger Brands Belgium.

What is the next step after the opening of this all-new Burger King? Shana Van den Broeck: ‘It’s certainly not the plan to replace all Quick restaurants with Burger King franchises. Quick and Burger King each have their own loyal fans, and we believe there is a place for them both in this story.’ Lovers of Quick will not be going hungry in the city.

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