Chinese television series with over 380 million viewers films in Antwerp

Recently, Chinese television series "Mr. Right" began filming in Antwerp. It is the second season of "How to be a better man", a series with over 380 million viewers in China last year.

“Mr. Right” is about a dentist, Cheng Hao, played by one of China's most popular actors Jin Dong. Despite his busy schedule, he has an extraordinary hobby: advising other men in their love life. His succes as advisor in love covers the fact that he has never been in love himself. At the wedding party of a client, taking place in Belgium, he meets Luo Yue, an ambitious but cool woman who works as a hotelmanager. When the wedding party goes wrong, Luo Yue is forced to take Cheng Hao and his friend Zhang Mingyang on a road trip through Antwerp. 

The first season got very positive reviews in China. The expectation for this second season are very high.

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Filming in Antwerp

Since 1985, the province of Antwerp has a good relationship with Chinese sister province Shaanxi. The recordings of 'Mr. Right' in Antwerp are a direct result of this long term relation. The crew also chose for Antwerp because of the beer, chocolate and diamonds. These symbols stand for love, which is essential to our story, says local producer Kristoff Leue.

A crew of 70 Chinese filmmakers came to Antwerp for filming. Among them 4 major stars in China. The 'Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie of China' also bring their own make-up artists and assistants.


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