City of Antwerp and partners launch The Beacon

The city of Antwerp and it’s partners launch ‘The Beacon’, a business and innovation hub for heavyweights in Internet of Things. Technological corporates, innovative startups, scaleups and top researchers gather at the former ‘Tolhouse’ to develop strong products and solutions for industry, logistics and smart cities.

From early september, The Beacon will become the launching platform that puts Antwerp on the map as a real Capital of Things.   

For years, Antwerp is betting on the power of digital networks and the development of a digital innovation ecosystem for big and small enterprises, startups, scaleups, researchers and investors. The city is convinced that this collaboration between technology suppliers in IoT has the potential to radically innovate the classical industries and logistics.

Thursday 27 September marked the official opening of The Beacon, a new hotspot for all things IoT in Antwerp.
On Monday 9 July, a Russian delegation from the visited the city of Antwerp.
The City of Antwerp is increasingly carving out a niche for itself on the digital landscape. Antwerp will have a physical innovation hub for the IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem in the city, called ‘The Beacon’.