European SPEED UP programme to meet in Antwerp

On 21 and 22 March, the City of Antwerp will receive a delegation of seven European cities (Berlin, Lisbon, Tallinn, Warsaw, Reims, Seville and Florence) and their stakeholders in the framework of the European SPEED UP Interreg programme. The participants will present and exchange best practices on how to stimulate entrepreneurship among young people, women and immigrants among others.


SPEED UP is a European Interreg programme, which aims to trigger policy change and improve the implementation of the policy instruments with the aim of supporting entrepreneurship. More specifically, the programme focuses on enabling the creation of new companies through business incubators.

Antwerp edition

SPEED UP always has a different theme. The Antwerp meeting will focus on the theme of “target audiences”, looking at specific actions for promoting entrepreneurship among young people, women or immigrants. The city and its stakeholders will present a number of local cases that can be replicated in the visiting cities, demonstrating its best practices in an international framework and offering Antwerp stakeholders the opportunity to connect with stakeholders in other local ecosystems.

Antwerp stakeholders

Currently the City of Antwerp has involved the following stakeholders in SPEED UP (dynamic list): Start it @kbc, imec,, University of Antwerp & TakeOffAntwerp_Alliance, The CoFoundry, Netwerk Ondernemen, The Birdhouse, VOKA Bryo, Duval Union, BlueHealth Innovation Center.

Further information

Further information about the SPEED UP Interreg programme

Do you have questions about SPEED UP in Antwerp? Contact Joris Moorthamers at, or Julie Van Nuwenborg at


  • 21 and 22 March 2018
  • in various Antwerp locations
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