Famous travel guide ranks Antwerp one of top 10 cities to visit

The famous British Rough Guides travel guide publisher has revealed its annual top ten best cities around the world to visit in 2017. In that list topped by Paris and ending with Palma de Mallorca, Antwerp ranks fifth before Osaka.

On its website, the Rough Guide, which publishes travel guides on countries and cities all over the world, had many good things to say about Antwerp. “Although not as populous as nearby Brussels, Belgium’s beautiful second city is arguably the country’s cultural hub - and still large enough to offer all the excitement of a real big metropolis,” reads the guide.

Antwerp has long been a source of Flemish pride, home to one of the world’s largest ports dating back to the Middle Ages. Today you can trace the city’s history through gorgeous Gothic and Renaissance architecture, fantastic museums and bars serving some of Europe’s most storied beers,” it continues.

“It has carved out a place as one of the world’s fashion capitals, thanks in no small part to the famously avant-garde designers known as the Antwerp Six. Creatieves continue to gravitate here, bringing with them a superb café scene, design boutiques, art spaces, frequent pop-up events and absolutely wild nightlife, especially in the south of the city.”

The top 10 cities are the following:

  1. Paris (France)
  2. Isfahan (Iran)
  3. Nairobi (Kenya)
  4. Bristol (United Kingdom)
  5. Antwerp (Belgium)
  6. Medellín (Colombia)
  7. Atlanta (USA)
  8. Osaka (Japan)
  9. Guadalajara (Mexico)
  10.  Palma, Mallorca (Spain)


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