Find the ideal location for your business in Antwerp thanks to the new location finder developed by the City of Antwerp and

Antwerp offers a vast selection of corporate real estate. The unique combination of existing sites and new developments, not to mention the lower prices in comparison to similar European cities, make Antwerp a coveted location for investors and entrepreneurs alike.

New app: Find your Location

The City of Antwerp and, a leading platform/search engine for corporate real estate in Belgium, joined forces to give companies and investors a better insight into the (ever-changing) offer of corporate sites. They developed a new corporate real-estate app to easily match supply and demand: ‘Find your Location’. 

An overview of all corporate real estate in Antwerp

‘Find your Location’ is a map-based web page that gives you a clear and visually attractive overview of all real-estate and development projects in Antwerp. You can search for offices, commercial or industrial spaces, SMEs and catering establishments, as well as vacant properties in specific areas. The map instantly shows you more details on the locations and allows you to contact the City of Antwerp, the seller or the landlord.

Find your next location in Antwerp

The ‘Find your Location’ app is available on

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