HEMA opens flagship store at Meir in Antwerp

Today, the Dutch retail chain HEMA opens a flagship store at Meir in Antwerp. With 1700 square metres the shop is three times the size of the existing store at Meir. The extra space will be used for a larger presentation of the products, an increased range of products and a tryout of the chain’s new food concept.

Largest selection in Europe

Carla Velghe, Country Director HEMA Belgium: “In the past HEMA attracted a lot of loyal customers in Antwerp. Especially Meir is one of the most visited shopping streets, also by tourists. As a retailer, you have to be present in a place like that. It’s an important advertisement for your brand. That’s why we offer the largest selection of HEMA here in Antwerp at Meir. In the new flagship store we care a lot about customer experience, with a clear and dominant presentation of the products, but also with the ability to test them.”

“As a retailer you must be present at Meir. It’s an advertisement for your brand.”

New concept

A new concept has been developed for the food departments and the restaurants in the retail chain. In ‘LEKKER HEMA’ the focus is on fresh food. The menu is tailored to the Belgian market, with dishes such as croquettes with shrimps or vol-au-vent. HEMA responds to the trend of easy and fast eating out. The tryout of the new formula is part of the growth strategy of the chain.

Fashion Talks described itself as ‘the most relevant conference on how the fashion industry actually works and evolves’. On Thursday 16 November, national and international speakers and visitors gathered in the Waagnatie Expo & Events Centre.
The City of Antwerp has a booth at the trade show to enhance the city’s international profile as an investment location for retail activities.
In early May, several colourful pop-up shops opened their doors in Berchem. URBACT, the European programme for sustainable urban development, has selected this project as a good practice.