Meet Qpinch, winner of Get in the Ring Antwerp

Antwerp-based start-up Qpinch was announced the winner of Get in the Ring Antwerp. Their radically innovative heat pump technology earns them a ticket to the Global Meetup in Montreal.

What is Get in the Ring and the Global Meetup?

Get in the Ring is a competition for start-ups with innovative solutions for 21st-century problems that’s active in 109 countries. In the first round, the competition takes place in different cities around the world. Competitors are put in contact with the Get in the Ring-community; a unique network of international investors that was built up over the years. The start-ups that are selected from that round win a ticket to the Global Meetup in Montreal.

Qpinch takes the win

Qpinch won Get in the Ring Antwerp with their innovative heat pump technology. By cleverly using waste heat energy from industrial processes, their heat pump will create carbon-neutral process heat. Up to tens of thousands of tonnes of CO2 will be saved every year by each of their units. An impressive solution to one of the world's most daunting challenges.

Erik Verdeyen, Chief Evangelist at Qpinch: “The recognition of the jury really means a lot to our team. Our heat pump will help make industrial production more sustainable on a worldwide scale. We think we’ve realised a major breakthrough with this product, but the best part for us is that experts and external partners also see it that way."

Erik Verdeyen

Building a worldwide network

As the winner of Get in the Ring Antwerp, Qpinch will join 600 start-ups, corporates, and investors in Montréal in February 2021. Using the power of the worldwide network, Qpinch and their breakthrough industrial energy efficiency solution will help solve 21st century challenges.

Verdeyen: “Next year, we’ll organise a capital round to finance our international growth. The Global Meetup is the ideal place to get in contact with venture capitals from around the world. At such a big event, we can network with big multinationals and financial backers.”

Expanding internationally might not seem so obvious anymore these days. But for Qpinch, a great portion of their contacts with clients already took place online, as they are spread out across all continents. 

Verdeyen: “I also feel that the pandemic has forced businesses to make stronger choices, and has put greater emphasis on emission reduction this year. Both these factors will, in my opinion, accelerate and increase investments in innovations such as ours that help reduce carbon emissions in industry.”

Antwerp, the ideal breeding ground for start-ups

Verdeyen: “The city of Antwerp and its Port traditionally provide great support for start-ups. Our first customers are located in the Port of Antwerp, and that’s been a real benefit for us in order to be able to branch out internationally. Just like the city of Antwerp, the Port has a well established name all over the world, which makes our start-up more attractive to international partners.”

The city of Antwerp focuses on stimulating innovative ecosystems, in the fields of digital innovation, sustainable chemistry and creative industries. The city’s central location and connectivity is one of its most important assets, while the talent graduating from the many institutions of higher education in Antwerp propels the innovation forward. No wonder the start-up ecosystem in Antwerp is booming: the number of Antwerp start-ups has more than doubled in the last 6 years. 

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