More and more companies are choosing The Beacon

The Beacon, the international business and innovation hub for companies working in Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence opened its doors in Antwerp at the end of 2018. Since then, 27 companies have taken up residence in The Beacon. And the number is still growing. The companies Anyways and Future Marketing Agency will soon open their offices in the most innovative hub in the city.

Anyways: “The Beacon reflects our international ambitions”

Anyways is a start-up that develops smart mobility solutions. It builds customisable digital maps and intermodal route planners that allow logistics companies to always be presented with the ideal route, even if there are road works. To facilitate Anyways’ growth, founders Wim Michiels and Ben Abelshausen decided to open an office in The Beacon. “Anyways was launched from my home in Antwerp,”explains Ben Abelshausen. “For the second stage of our company's growth, we were looking for an office space in Antwerp that reflects our international ambitions. We're excited to continue to develop our smart mobility solutions in The Beacon.”

Future Marketing Agency: “We feel right at home”

Dominique Hoogsteder, CEO of Future Marketing Agency, is also looking forward to moving into The Beacon. “We're an agency that creates out-of-the-box marketing strategies, tailored to our clients." “Our fascination with Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things makes us feel right at home in The Beacon,” says Dominique. “There is no other place in Antwerp where such high-quality IoT and AI players are working together to develop innovative products and where there is such an emphasis on cross-pollination. I can start here with a chair in the open space (a flexible co-working space for ten companies [ed.]), market my company, get to know the entrepreneurs and researchers here and, when the time comes, expand into an office space in the building. Moreover, my marketing strategy skills can help strengthen the companies here. It's a real win-win situation.”

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