Tech-events in Antwerp in 2018: an overview

Antwerp is brimming with innovative entrepreneurial talent and has become a real hotspot for startups and growth companies. Eager to develop this ecosystem for digital innovation, the City of Antwerp offers funding, business locations, individual coaching and matchmaking to technological start-ups and creative entrepreneurs. As a digital forerunner in Belgium, tech events in Antwerp are booming.

Last year the city of Antwerp opened StartupVillage, several startups and corporates joined on missions to Israel and Canada, and there was the launch of Capital of Things. 2018 is also going to be a promising year in which Antwerp will position itself further as an international MICE destination. The city will be home to some of the world’s largest tech events. An overview:

  • Antwerp Startup Fair – April 18th
    The 3rd edition of the Antwerp Startup fair 2018 will take place on April 18th. Antwerp Startup Fair connects top talent and buyers with innovative startups.
  • Cleantech Forum Europe - 14 - 16 May
    In May, Antwerp hosts the Cleantech Forum Europe at the FMCCA from 14 to 16 May. This international conference is a unique opportunity for the Flemish cleantech ecosystem to present itself to the European and worldwide industrial network.
  • imec Technology Forum - 23 and 24 May
    Every year the imec Technology Forum gathers experts and visionaries from all over the world to discuss the future of technology and how technological innovation can be brought to the market. This year, the imec Technology Forum will take place on 23 and 24 May at the FMCCA.
  • Internet of Things Convention Europe – June 6th
    On 6 June, the Internet of Things Convention Europe will take place at the FMCCA. During the congress you will learn how internet of things can offer solutions for industry, mobility, healthcare and the real estate sector.
  • 5th Conference on Digital Health – June 14th
    Blue Health Innovation Center and Duval Union gathers all the players from the eHealth sector in BluePoint Antwerp for the 5th Conference on Digital Health.
  • Europe Biobank Week – September 4 - 7
    The Europe Biobank Week is one of the most important fairs around biobanking in the world. The theme of this edition is 'biosharing for scientific research'.
  • Supernova – September 27 - 30
    From 27th to 30th September, a big technology fair in Antwerp Supernova will be launched. The fair targets both professionals and consumers.

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Thursday 27 September marked the official opening of The Beacon, a new hotspot for all things IoT in Antwerp.
On Monday 9 July, a Russian delegation from the visited the city of Antwerp.
The City of Antwerp is increasingly carving out a niche for itself on the digital landscape. Antwerp will have a physical innovation hub for the IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem in the city, called ‘The Beacon’.