Why the first European Hydrogen Investment Summit is right at home in Antwerp

Antwerp is an innovative growth pole when it comes to sustainable energy. Experts agree that hydrogen will play an essential role in meeting climate targets. Initiatives like a new large-scale hydrogen plant in NextGen District and the Hydrogen Import Coalition show that Port of Antwerp-Bruges is rapidly becoming an innovative growth pole in hydrogen energy. Logically, the first European Hydrogen Investment Summit (June 22) takes place in Antwerp.

Hydrogen crossroad

Green hydrogen is a carbon-neutral alternative to natural gas. It’s the most abundant chemical element, contributing 75% of the universe’s mass. It can be produced from various resources, like biogas and renewable power like solar and wind. Hydrogen can be transported in different forms and ways, including rail, road, barges and pipelines. Flanders, Belgium, has a unique position in this process because of its logistics, its dense and European-connected multimodal infrastructure and the presence of a major European seaport. Port of Antwerp-Bruges, Europe’s largest integrated chemical cluster, has a determined vision and envisages a clear role in realising the European energy transition ambitions.

Success stories in Antwerp

As a logistics, maritime and industrial centre, hydrogen will play an essential role in transitioning Antwerp to a circular and low-carbon economy. It’s no wonder that hydrogen initiatives are booming in the city. Very recently, a hydrogen filling station opened in Wilrijk, Antwerp. Another example is the Hydrogen Import Coalition: Port of Antwerp-Bruges joined forces with five major industrial players and public stakeholders (DEME, ENGIE, Exmar, Fluxys and WaterstofNet) to build a green hydrogen import value chain. The Hydroville, created by CMB, is the world’s first accredited passenger vessel powered by hydrogen in a diesel engine. Next, CMB also operates a hydrogen filling station in the port. Finally, Plug Power Inc., a leading provider of hydrogen solutions, will build a large-scale green hydrogen plant in NextGen District, an area dedicated to companies supporting the circular economy. The ambitions of Port of Antwerp-Bruges are clear: to take up a leading position as a European import hub for green hydrogen.

Breeding ground for hydrogen projects

These past years industrial leaders and policymakers have discussed why the green energy transition is needed. Today these same people are talking about how this can be realised. Matching projects with potential financiers will determine when the green hydrogen economy can become a reality. The first European Hydrogen Investment brings together invited-only investors, corporations, governmental experts, partners and advisors. They will get to know 60 of the most impactful hydrogen projects and will have the opportunity to exchange experiences, insights and gain contacts. Three live Investor Roundtable discussions will focus on the prospects of the Hydrogen sector and will review the best financial strategies to deploy hydrogen rapidly. This summit is an ideal breeding ground for projects in which hydrogen addresses industry, transport, energy, and climate change challenges.

You can find the event here.