With your innovative idea towards the Groenplaats of the future

The gateway to Antwerp's historic centre will soon be completely renovated: the Groenplaats will be given a makeover. The city of Antwerp is calling for innovative, digital concepts that will upgrade the Groenplaats and strongly promote Antwerp as a smart city.

Doorway to the future

Every day, the world around us is growing more digital. Antwerp is positioning itself more as an accessible smart city, for example, through smart mobility, sustainable cooperation platforms and artificial intelligence. As a result, an innovative, technological component is essential in the renovation of the Groenplaats.

For the technological integration in this renovation, the city cooperates with research institute imec. In addition, the city has launched a call for specific, digital innovations for the Groenplaats. This idea serves as a building block for the Urban Development Department and the appointed design agencies. They will integrate the chosen concept into the design of the Groenplaats and finalise its implementation in a later phase.

What are the conditions?

Anyone with a forward-thinking mindset may submit a concept: whether private individuals, universities or companies. We are looking for ideas that:

  • Have a digital soul.
  • Serve as a potential landmark.
  • Help to profile Antwerp as a smart city.
  • Are useful in the long term for every resident and visitor to Antwerp.

More detailed conditions can be found in our summary presentation (English) and in the competition regulations (Dutch).

Is there a fee?

There is only one winner in this call. He or she will receive a cash prize of EUR 10,000. The concept will be integrated into the renovation of the Groenplaats in a later phase.

How to enter?

The deadline is the 3rd of June. You can send in your concept by 11am at the latest to innovatie@antwerpen.be.

An entry is only valid if it contains

  • A summary of maximum 200 words.
  • A correctly completed questionnaire (see regulations).
  • Fully completed contact details.

Optionally, you may also send a graphic concept and you can add extra information to the questionnaire.

Would you like more information?

On May 20th, we are hosting a digital information session in English. Here, we explain the regulations and answer all your questions. You can register for this via this link.

Still have questions? Feel free to e-mail us at innovatie@antwerpen.be.