Antwerp again among top entrepreneurial cities in Europe according to Financial Times.

Potential and attractiveness for international entrepreneurship

Each year, the business world eagerly looks forward to the new rankings of fDi Intelligence, the Financial Times’s prestigious knowledge centre on international investment. A team of experts compared the most important European cities and regions on their potential and attractiveness for global entrepreneurship in the ‘European Cities and Regions of the Future 2023/2024’. In the category ‘large cities’ (up to two million residents), Antwerp placed in the top 10 in six categories:

  • the overall classification for large cities
  • connectivity
  • economic potential
  • business friendliness
  • fDi strategy
  • human capital & lifestyle

Established name in Europe

Six top ten spots in seven categories (large cities) prove that Antwerp is no longer a newcomer in these rankings. The city has become an established name in Europe and beyond. The reasons are apparent: Antwerp is a world port city and an innovation powerhouse. Let’s not forget the city’s dedicated focus on its unique ecosystems: digital innovation, health and sustainable chemistry. 

For each of these three innovation clusters, the city has built an ecosystem of hubs (including The Beacon, BlueChem and BlueHealth Innovation Centre), companies, knowledge institutions and governments authorities that is undergoing further developed. In the meantime, there are also concrete plans to substantially expand the BlueChem incubator for sustainable chemistry located at the Blue Gate Antwerp circular business park.

And last but not least, there’s the exceptional drive and creative energy of the city’s entrepreneurs.

A skilled and highly productive workforce

For the first time, the city has reached the top 10 in the “human capital & lifestyle” categoryThis ranking measures the educational level of the available talent, the number of students per number of inhabitants and the ease with which suitable and skilled personnel can be found. The fact that the level of education in Antwerp is high has recently already emerged from the rankings and accreditations obtained by the Antwerp Management School (AMS). For example, their Executive MBA programme is the best in the Benelux according to the “Financial Times Executive MBA ranking of 2022”. Naturally, the strengths of the University of Antwerp also play a role in the city’s high score in this ranking.

Also, the sustainable chemistry incubator BlueChem and technology hub The Beacon offer a fantastic breeding ground for high-level international talent, and that is precisely what our companies need.

Antwerp remains an incredible magnet for new international companies. They have quick access to markets, to capital, to technology and to talent here.

Unbeatable quality of life

Antwerp is not only a city you’ll love to do business in; living, studying, relaxing and enjoying good food and drinks are also very pleasant here. The quality of life is almost unbeatable!

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The 'Global Cities and Regions of the Future 2023/24' rankings can be found online . The rankings are also published in the February/March 2023 edition of fDi Intelligence, the Financial Times' investment magazine with more than 100,000 business readers.