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Are you a circular pioneer? Join an industrial port network with top global players and a fascinating ecosystem. Port of Antwerp-Bruges is launching a tender for plots in NextGen Demo. This innovation hub is part of NextGen District, a unique hotspot for circular economy at the heart of the Antwerp port site.
Six top ten spots in seven categories: the new rankings of fDi Intelligence establish Antwerp as an attractive location to invest in. For the first time, Antwerp is among the best ten cities in the ‘talent & lifestyle’ category. An additional asset to attract investors and entrepreneurs.
Antwerp’s diamond companies have put the city on the world map as a diamond capital. A status that Antwerp wants to maintain and strengthen. That is why the city launched the five-year innovation programme “Antwerp Diamond Innovation Opportunities” in 2020.
In 2022, together with the agency Verhaert | Masters in Innovation the city supervised 4 innovative projects.
Do you want to develop a revolutionary project that achieves digital or circular innovation or provides innovation in the health sector? Your project will boost the growth of your company. Your innovation will also be of added value to the City of Antwerp. But... you do not have enough budget to realise your project. Then be sure to read on. Chances are that your project proposal will be eligible for financial support from the City of Antwerp.
Hysopt is a partner of “Samen Klimaatactief”, the initiative of the City of Antwerp to inspire and support entrepreneurs to undertake carbon-neutral activities together. Samen Klimaatactief supports the business world with a public website for each business segment.
By contacting Jan Jaeken, the head of Samen Klimaatactief, entrepreneurs are already getting their first free guiding advice on the energy-saving measures they can take. Companies also receive a quick and objective overview of providers that offer concrete solutions. Hysopt is one of them.
Are you looking for business or investment opportunities in health? Thanks to a vibrant ecosystem, the innovative city of Antwerp is the place to be. Let this overview of all the possibilities guide you.
Medical Drone Operator Helicus meticulously prepares unmanned aviation and drone transport for medical purposes in Antwerp and beyond.