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Antwerp is a lucrative highly affordable market for offices. For investors and for those looking to locate here, there are many advantages of settling here and many hubs to choose from.

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The diamond district

the diamont district and central station of Antwerp
  • Antwerp’s world famous diamond district is situated in the lively centre of town with numerous shops, restaurants and cafés.
  • The Central Train Station is very nearby and offers high-speed rail services to Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris.
  • Here you’ll find offices in old manor houses and in new, state-of-the-art office towers (Kievit).

Berchem area (south part of the city)

  • The district of Berchem is located on the southern edge of the city, and is home to Berchem train station. Here you can access the E19 motorway to Brussels, and Antwerp airport is also close by.
  • Offices are housed in beautiful manor houses and new developments next to the station.

City centre

City centre
city center of Antwerp
  • Within the Leien area you will find Antwerp's prime location for offices. In this historic city centre, you will find not only cultural heritage but also countless shops, ranging from vintage and flea markets to lifestyle, interior design and fashion.
  • In addition to the many iconic bars and restaurants, there are also fitness centres, crèches and much more.
  • It is the place that offers a mishmash of different economic activities whilst also being accessible by all means.

Affordable rental prices

Occupancy Cost of Antwerp
Cost of Office space in Antwerp

The rents for offices in the City of Antwerp are significantly less expensive compared to other cities in Europe. Moreover, investors are guaranteed a good return.

These are highly developed hubs and you can count on a variety of readily available services when launching a new office from IT & design services to food courts, event hosting and much, much more.

Antwerp sits at the crossroads of all major European hubs, you and your employees can reach every city easily in a matter of hours, expanding your business without the hassle of setting up extra hubs.

Francis Wellensplein 1
2018 Antwerpen

Do you want to develop a revolutionary project that achieves digital or circular innovation or provides innovation in the health sector? Your project will boost the growth of your company. Your innovation will also be of added value to the City of Antwerp. But... you do not have enough budget to realise your project. Then be sure to read on. Chances are that your project proposal will be eligible for financial support from the City of Antwerp.
A diamantaire without friends or family in the Antwerp diamond district is not a diamantaire. It’s all part of the magic of Antwerp. Not all diamonds, but all people in the diamond industry somehow connect with Antwerp.
Last June the world renowned Antwerp Academy of Fine Arts said goodbye to its legendary head of the fashion department, Walter Van Beirendonck. After much speculation Brandon Wen was appointed as the new creative director, a clear choice from the academy towards fresh ideas and new paths for the department. We met with Brandon Wen just two weeks after the news had been announced, curious to get to know this creative free spirit and to hear about his ambitions.