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Barges navigating canals with no captain on board. It may sound like science-fiction, but it is the reality in Flanders, thanks to Seafar. In their futuristic command centre in Antwerp, CEO Louis-Robert Cool talks about how Seafar approaches this, how unique it is, and the links with space technology.
Belgium’s second largest space company, a hugely varied range of activities and Boeing as a competitor: QinetiQ is a groundbreaking company. Sales & Business Development Director Frank Preud’homme introduces you to the beautiful world of their space activities.
BlueApp aims to bring industry and academia together to enrich the integrated ecosystem of sustainable chemistry in Antwerp. With BlueApp, the University of Antwerp is taking the next step towards more sustainability in the chemical sector.
From the city’s most renowned telephone company (Bell) to an innovative space company 60 years later. Meet Antwerp Space!
Verhaert Masters in innovation is Belgian’s most significant player in product innovation. But the company also is a substantial reference in Europe when it comes to the space industry.
The first AHA! innovation award goes to Textgain, an Antwerp company that uses language technology and AI to screen social media platforms for hate speech and other messages.
Independent research firm Verdantix recognises Antwerp-based Spacewell as one of the four market leaders for Internet of Things (IoT) platforms for Smart Building. This success for Spacewell demonstrates that Antwerp is developing into an international reference in the fields of IoT and AI.
The city of Antwerp wrote a new vision to give Antwerp’s fashion industry new wind beneath its wings. This vision was translated in a fashion plan, setting out guidelines for the next decade with 2030 as horizon. Out of all this grew targeted actions, to be implemented or on the rails before 2025.