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From 12 until 15 March 2019, the City of Antwerp will be joined by the City of Ghent and a delegation of private real estate companies at MIPIM, the international real estate exhibition in Cannes. Both cities will present their vision for the future of their urban development and architecture under the header ‘Antwerp | Ghent. Reshaping our cities’. Antwerp is ready for the future.
All over the world, people think of diamond as a natural product, mined from the earth. But that’s not the complete picture. Diamond can also be grown in a lab, where the natural process that leads to diamond can be simulated. Madestones, established in the centre of the Antwerp diamond district, is the European market leader in laboratory-grown diamond.
The Antwerp start-up Playpass recently announced its first acquisition in France. Playpass is set to acquire Yuflow, a fellow industry member in contactless event payments. In Antwerp, Playpass was able to firmly anchor its business in StartupVillage, an initiative of the City of Antwerp where start-ups receive and seize all available opportunities.
The World Resources Forum (WRF2019), a leading conference on circular economy, took place in Antwerp from 22 until 27 February. During WRF2019, the City of Antwerp presented its ambitious projects, which will achieve the transition to a circular urban economy.
The Beacon, the international business and innovation hub for companies working in Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence opened its doors in Antwerp at the end of 2018. Since then, 27 companies have taken up residence in The Beacon. And the number is still growing. The companies Anyways and Future Marketing Agency will soon open their offices in the most innovative hub in the city.
Mining companies are good at mining diamond, but for know-how to set up an efficient sales organization, they often work with a third party. Bonas, an innovative company in the centre of the Antwerp diamond district, now offers a solution: an online platform to trade uncut diamond globally at the best possible price.
Dutch Diamond Technologies (DD) has created the world’s first ring that is entirely made from a lab-grown diamond. ‘Project D’, DD’s name for the ring, took a year to manufacture and was created in honour of the company’s 10th anniversary. For grading this unique piece of jewellery, DD turned to HRD Antwerp, Europe’s leading authority in diamond grading.
Antwerp is internationally recognised as an avant-garde fashion capital. The ideas that are born in the city have a global impact. To highlight the influence of Antwerp’s fashion industry and promote it to an international audience, the City of Antwerp recently launched the ‘Dressed by Antwerp’ campaign. Tom Smith (Editors) and Élodie Ouédraogo (athlete) are the ambassadors of the campaign.
In a globalising world, and without a purely geographical link to the product, Antwerp remains the world capital of diamonds. Margaux Donckier, Head of Communications at the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC), explains the city’s economically rewarding love affair with diamonds.
INEOS, one of the largest chemical concerns in the world, has chosen the port of Antwerp as the location for a mega-investment of 3 billion euros representing 400 new jobs. The capital outlay is the largest in the European chemical industry in the past two decades. With the securing of this large-scale investment project Antwerp further reinforces its role as the largest chemical cluster in Europe.
The city of Antwerp has a strong track record in fostering innovation, creating the ideal business climate for tech and creative startups. This has not gone unnoticed by UK magazine Courier who recently published a full article on 'Why set up a business in Antwerp?'
At the end of November 2018, Antwerp’s trendy Parkloods was once again the place to be for creative talent from all over the world. The city hosted the third edition of Us By Night, the internationally acclaimed festival for design and creativity. Rizon Parein, curator and man behind the event looks back on this successful third edition and forward to Us By Night 2019.