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Take a stroll along the shop windows in the Golden Streets, right at the hart of the fashion district.
On Monday 9 July, a Russian delegation from the visited the city of Antwerp.
An internationally recognised fashion city, Antwerp is a shopping city by extension. It offers something for lovers of exclusive fashion labels, hip concept stores and major shopping chains; retailers are happy to respond to their diverse interests. ‘Antwerp has a lot to offer retailers,’ confirms Ann Hayen from Hayen-Paris real estate services.
Conflict diamonds don’t stand a chance to make it to Antwerp. The stringent control system, a unique feature of the diamond industry in this city, rules that out.
This year, both Antwerp and Brussels play host to an international Kimberley Process conference. It’s a fine opportunity for Antwerp to emphasise the importance of strict compliance for the diamond industry.
From 18 until 22 June, the Kimberley Process Intersessional meeting took place in the world’s diamond capital, Antwerp. This prestigious congress served as a great occasion for the presentation of two related projects.
The City of Antwerp is increasingly carving out a niche for itself on the digital landscape. Antwerp will have a physical innovation hub for the IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem in the city, called ‘The Beacon’.
From 22 until 28 April 2018, the City of Antwerp and its partners organised a successful mission to Russia on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the friendly relations between Antwerp and Saint Petersburg.
For many years, automatic diamond cutting has remained a holy grain for the industry. A revolutionary technology, developed by the Belgian Scientific and Technical Research Centre for Diamond (WTOCD), finally turns the impossible dream into reality.
On Thursday, June 14th, BluePoint Antwerp hosts The 5th Conference on Digital Health, a conference about all the new technologies that are about to take medicine and healthcare to the next level.
On June 6th Antwerp hosted the Internet of Things Convention at the Flanders Meeting & Convention Center.
Developing innovative ideas and concepts for Antwerp’s diamond industry: that’s what Hack4Diamonds was all about.