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Three brothers from Antwerp, wanting to create something together, came up with a new fashion brand: Brilliant. A wonderful idea, since the name of the brand refers to everything that inspires them.
Uniqlo, Weekday, Samsøe & Samsøe: these are just a few of the big international players that have recently settled in Antwerp. They choose Antwerp as a location to test their concept and then roll it out to the Benelux and Europe.
Antwerp is known around the globe as the largest and most important diamond trade centre. What is it that makes Antwerp so unique?
Antwerp has been the heart of diamond trade worldwide for more than 500 years. To exchange Antwerps experience and know-how with other diamond producing contries, the city hosts the Kimberley Process Intersessional meeting in Antwerp on June 18th 2018.
The Port House took home the prize for 'Best Refurbished Building' during the prestigious MIPIM Awards 2018 in Cannes.
Christian Rapp is Antwerp’s city architect. He wants to avoid an ‘Amsterdam and London scenario’ with towering housing prices in Antwerp.
Antwerp’s U-shaped ring road is a ten-lane motorway that runs right through an urban area. Completing and encapsulating the ring is a complex megaproject, even by European standards.
In his book Material Matters, architect and entrepreneur Thomas Rau pleads for a radical mind shift that pushes the circular economy to its extreme consequences: “we all need to become users instead of owners”.
The fDi Intelligence division of the Financial Times noticed the innovative atmosphere of Antwerp, and awarded the city in the top 10 of European Cities and Regions of the Future 2018/2019.
Tourism in Antwerp is flourishing. Figures from 2017 show it was a very good year. The City of Antwerp wishes to continue this increasing trend, as well in leisure as in business tourism.
Tech events in Antwerp are booming. Last year the city of Antwerp opened StartupVillage, several startups and corporates joined on missions to Israel and Canada, and there was the launch of Capital of Things. 2018 is also going to be a promising year.
When we talk about technology, the fashion industry was definitely not an early adopter for a long time. But they are catching up.