NxtPort connects logistics with software

A lot of time is wasted during the transportation of goods. This is often due to lack of information. And time is money. This prompted the establishment of NxtPort: a data platform allowing all parties in the logistics chain to share information. And ultimately make the Port of Antwerp the most cost efficient harbour, and therefore the world’s number one.

A transparent logistics chain

Jan Van Dooren, CEO of Port+ and NxtPort project leader: “The profit margins of shipping companies and carriers are being squeezed. And there is also pressure from outside the sector  ̶  e-commerce companies for example  ̶  to transport goods more efficiently and faster. High time for a new approach then.” 

“NxtPort is a data platform allowing multiple players outside and inside the port to share data to make the logistics process more transparent. And shipping companies, carriers, freight forwarders, warehouses, customs, distribution centres and manufacturing plants can use the data to work more (cost) efficiently: predict ETA and ETS, align transport to the hinterland with traffic flows, trace containers, reduce inventories and adjust the production process accordingly…”

The war for innovation

“NxtPort is unique in that software houses can also consult and analyze the data to create new applications at a later stage. Technology is evolving at a very fast pace and the efficiency of the processes will give an even bigger boost. We deliberately chose to give as many stakeholders as possible the opportunity to develop new applications. Isn’t it true that more innovation means more efficiency, and ultimately lower costs? Ensuring that Antwerp becomes the worldwide reference in terms of data and data usage, and will soon be the Silicon Valley of the logistics and maritime sector.”

The world’s most efficient harbour

“There may be a platform, but NxtPort is just a catalyst. It’s up to the users to share their data. Fortunately, companies and associations see the benefits of a transparent logistics chain. After all, everyone benefits if it takes a container just one half day  ̶  instead of three days  ̶  to get from the dock to the final destination. By working together, we make sure Antwerp is the most efficient port, the world’s number one through which every entreprise will want to ship its goods.”

The Antwerp economy counters the market’s fluctuations and offers a rebuttal to the current economic obstacles. Out of resilience and unity, new alliances and innovations arise which make entrepreneurship in Antwerp thrive.
The Antwerp port is a global player thanks to, among other, its enormous (petro)chemical cluster.